January stuff

We are in the grips of winter in Muskegon. The ice conditions are not that great which limits the amount of fishing on Muskegon Lake. I am in the midst of preparing for the upcoming fishing season. So far, I have booked three different groups to fish Little Bay De Noc this spring. (May 15th thru June 1st.)  For readers who have never tried fishing this area, I urge to to try it. I first traveled to the Gladstone area 15 years ago with my son, and we continue to go back each year. In terms of walleye fishing, this body of water allows the fisherman the use a variety of techniques to entice the bite. One major advantage to this location is the short distance one needs to travel over the water to find the fish. Within 15 minutes from leaving the dock, we can be setting lines!!! Of couse, riding in a new wx2100 Skeeter boat helps to get you there with a dry and smooth ride. The bottom line is that the combination of a quality location with state of the art equipment provides the opportunity  for the user to look forward to travel to these facilities.

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