Hello Old Friend

With Captain Bill in New England to visit my sister and brother-in-law, I had the chance to pull a Cameron Frye on the Skeeter and do some fishing. Amazingly, I couldn’t find a Ferris, Sloane, or for that matter, anyone to join me on Sunday at 4:45 AM for a walleye search party (I knew better than to ask Kate). So I headed out on my own.

Having a few places in mind, I went back to a familiar waypoint and set up for a troll with planer boards and crawler harnesses. Less than 10 minutes in the port side board dropped back and I was in business. After a short fight, I landed a nice, healthy 24 inch walleye. During the fight, starboard line went back as well, but came up with nothing to show for it. While unhooking the fish and filling the livewell, I realized that, due to living in Minnesota for two years, this was my first walleye from Muskegon Lake in 3 years!

I worked over the same stretch a few more times, missing two hits, landing a sheephead, a catfish, and a few perch. I talked to a few other guys who had struck out, so I was happy to leave the lake with one.

As the water warms from it’s unseasonably cool temp, the walleye fishing will continue to pick up. Let us know if you’re interested in making a run after these tasty fish!

Tight Lines!


Muskegon Lake 7.14.13

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