Walleye Fishing

Walleye fishing can be the most challenging and yet rewarding type of fishing offered to midwest fishermen. These fish inhabit both the Great Lakes and connected waters, searching out smelt, alewife, ciscoes and perch to eat. While the average size is roughly 18 inches, lengths of 30-plus inches are available. Extremely sensitive to light, walleye generally feed under darker conditions.

Fishing for walleyes often means using a variety of techniques. Whether it’s using shallow diving minnow-mimicking body baits, trolling deep water with leadcore, or drifting with nightcrawlers, walleye fishing offers a challenge. Using fish-finders and GPS waypoints, we aim to find the fish and activate them. Walleye fishing starts at ice-out and generally lasts until ice-up in the fall, with hotter and cooler periods between.

There’s no doubt about one thing concerning walleyes; they make fantastic table fare. No matter how they’re cooked, it’s hard to find many who will turn down a fresh walleye dinner!

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