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While they were in West Michigan with wives and girlfriends for brewery tours, friends Dan and Jeff from Chicago had a chance to head out in search of salmon with us on Saturday morning. The fishing was still slower than normal, but we were able to hook into a few fish (some for longer than others) and get the guys some action.

Upon hearing reports of early activity in 65 feet of water, we headed slightly north of the Muskegon breakwater and set up in 70 feet. Just after getting all four riggers set we hooked up with a nice fish who, after giving us a good show in the prop wash, spit the hook and lived to fight another day. We swung west and set 5 color and 10 color leadcore rigs on each side. We took a nice rip on a 10 color leadcore, only to come up empty-handed after a short fight. The disappointment didn’t last long, as a downrigger line went off and Dan jumped in the battle, landing a nice coho. We saw a few more short hits and misses before boating a small king.

We finished 2-for-4 or 2-for-5 (heck, maybe even 2-for-6) as it seemed the fish were not as aggressive as normal. To say we marked baitfish is an understatement… I don’t think we went more than 5 minutes without seeing another cloud of bait on the fish-finder. With warmer and more consistent weather, the fishing will only improve. One thing to note… these fish are very well fed. The coho Dan caught (pictured below) was around 5 pounds and had 7 three to four inch alewife in it’s stomach and still hit a magnum spoon!

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